Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Girls

These are some of my very favorite pictures of you two. I am not even really sure why, but they just seem carefree and fun - just like the two of you. I did not realize that you would have so much love for each other - you both genuinely enjoy each other's company.
I can not even remember ONE time in seven years that the two of you have been angry with each other - which is certainly not true of other family relationships. Your personalities just seem to mesh really well together. You long to spend time together, which does this ole mama's heart good!

Both of you, so beautiful inside and out and so caring and accepting of each other. I pray that the worst things you have experienced so far will be the worst of your life, but realize that is probably not going to be true. I know there will be hard times ahead for each of you, because this crazy thing we call life is just that way. I also know that no matter what, you will always have each other to encourage and lift you up. Just like the worst is probably still ahead for you, the BEST is as well - because life has so many wonderful things waiting for you both! I am so glad that good or bad, whatever comes, you will face it together - with love and compassion because that is just who you are.


Shellmo said...

That is so wonderful that they are loving sisters? How many years are they apart?

citizen of the world said...

Ah, I know exactly what you mean with this one!

Friar Tuck said...


Jen said...

So good they recognize the wonderful gift they have in each other. Those pictures are cute!