Monday, March 16, 2009

J is for Jesus

I would like to introduce you to my best friend, Jesus. Yes, it may seem odd to you that I would talk about Him so casually, as He is the Son of God and all, but He is so much more than that to me.
He has been the only true steadfast thing in my entire life. Always there, always dependable, always loving me no matter what. As much as I love some other people in my life, they are human, and therefore always let me down at some point or another.
I used to just go to Jesus when things were bad or I was in a bind. I would beg Him to rectify the situation and promise my undying devotion, soon to be forgotten when things were smooth again. Then at some point I quit treating Him like the lottery. I quit living in fear of condemnation and began living in freedom of being me, far from perfect, but realizing that I am always lovable to Him.
We have been through a lot together, great things and horrible things, and I know there are going to be both in my future. Good or bad, no matter what, I do know one person that will be beside me from now all the way into eternity - Jesus. My saviour, my healer, my best friend.


Jen said...

This is beautiful. I know of no one else as faithful.

Shellmo said...

Beautiful and inspiring.

patandcassie said...

You betcha! He is our rock and it's SO cool to have blogging buddies who are like minded. Blessings Michele!

reliv4life said...

Jen - so true

Shelley - thanks, but it is Him, not me

Cassie - YES he is our rock and yes it is cool