Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kick Ball

Oh my gosh, I had the funnest 4th of July in as long as I can remember!!!!! We had a party at my mom's house, which is next door to me by the way, and it was WAY fun! We had great food, great friends, and great fun. We played a game that I have no idea what it was called... __________ ball: there is a little yellow ball, which is thrown then 4 green balls, and 4 red balls that are thrown as close to the yellow ball as you can get them...anyone know what I am talking about? Oh well, it was fun.

Next, we had a game of kickball, with people for 6 yrs - 60 yrs. We all had a blast. When I think of it now, my heart actually fills to swelling with gratitude at being a part of it. First of all, even last 4th my health was improving, but I NEVER could have played a game of running for hours. Secondly, to see my mom and her improved health and other friends as we all played and laughed - what a blessing! Alex is the son of my best friend, Julie. He was so sick for so many years and to see him healthy and happy - there are not words to describe the joy. My friend, Zak, always says, "Reliv is not about making a buck off your buddy. It is about helping those you love and care about." It is SO true. No amount of money in the world can equal the feeling of knowing you have been a part in giving someone their health back.

Then we ate watermelon and shot off TONS of fireworks. Please allow me to be a little passive - aggressive and say I hope it was enough to irritate the neighbors that like to spray pesticides in our yards. I hope they weren't overly irritated, but a little irritated would be OK with me. :)

I am just so grateful for yesterday, and all the great days to come.


Brotha Buck said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Good for you!

Jen said...

Ladder ball?? I dunno?
We play corn hole here in KY. It's fun and taken very seriously by some. LOL
Glad you had a good day and are now up to enjoying it! Blessings for continued health to you all.

Friar Tuck said...

glad to see you had so much fun!

Shellmo said...

Was the game bocci ball? (not sure if I spelled that right!)
Sounds like you had a great day and i hope your insecticide neighbors needed to get their ear plugs out...well that wasn't nice of me to say....but...

reliv4life said...

brotha buck - I did - thanks!

Jen - what the heck is corn hole?? never heard of it, but would like to know more. YES - blessing of health on us all!

friar - gee, thanks!

Shellmo - YES, I beleive it was bocci ball, however it is spelled...good job! Not sure on neighbors, but we tried anyway.