Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm Back!!

I am back in the cyber world! It is so weird how I lived for years and didn't even know what "getting on line" was... now, I feel totally shut off from the world if the internet isn't working. I don't really have very many vices, but I am pretty addicted to email and blogging. Everytime I open my mail it is like opening a present - who wrote and what did they say!! On a side note - if you are a praying person, please pause and say a prayer for my dear friend Herman. He is the one I blogged about awhile back, He is in the hospital in Dallas and they are running tests... I pray he is OK. I love him very much! He has become very dear to me, as we email daily, and sometimes more than once a day!! My inbox has been very lonely without him.

I was so excited to check out everyone's blogs today! It is like seeing little glimpses of people's lives. So, as big as this Internet world is...it feels like my own little intimate space sometimes. I am glad to be back in it...


citizen of the world said...

I know what you mean about feeling cut off when you can't get on-line. I think of emailing and blogging as a way of shrinking the world, giving you immediate access to people all over who you would likely not otherwise encounter. It's fantastic.

Jen said...

I was wondering where you were. I thought maybe you went to enter an ugly cake contest or something. LOL
Sorry to hear about Herman- he is on my prayer list!
I peeked in on Reagan's church blog--sounds like they are having a good time and being blessed!
Glad you are back my friend!

Shellmo said...

many prayers to your friend Herman!

(And I'm with you - it is like a present to open your blogger mail!)

reliv4life said...

citizen - "shrinking the world" I like that!

Jen - I believe you are making fun of my cake again!! :)at least you missed me!! thanks for praying for herman, and for checking out reag's blog - yes, she had fun!

Shellmo - thanks for the prayers, the the presents of commenting on my blog!