Friday, May 23, 2008

Road Trip!

Today my best friend Julie and two other women are taking a road trip. I can not remember the last time I got into a car with a group of friends and drove...let's see...Must have been about 11 or 12 years ago when we were in TX and would go on Women's retreats I suppose. Those were fun times!! Anyway, there is going to be a Reliv special Event in Great Falls tonight. So, we are going... we are gonna pray for the 3 hours on the way, then meet up with some other friends for dinner, then go to a fabulous meeting and share hope with people, then try to stay awake for the 3 hours home! I am excited, it should be fun!

I was thinking yesterday about all the postive things in my life since Reliv showed up. There is amazing health for my entire family, there is financial freedom for the first time in years, but there is something else. I am not even sure how to put it into words...but it is the most postive thing I have ever encountered. People in Reliv seem to be a different kind of people. There is much diversity among Reliv distributors, but one thing we all seem to have in common is integrity. I LIKE that! Being surrounded by people that genuinely care for others and want to serve them is a great experience. PLUS it seems there is LOTS of positive. Even though things are not perfect, when people feel good and are joining together to help others, there just isn't much room for negativity. That is one of my favorite things about being with Reliv people. One of the ladies going today is Judy. I did not know Judy at all. A distributor under me shared Reliv with Judy. Now, she and I are partnering together to change her families financial future, and it is FUN!! Her successes feel like my successes. I wish I could adequately put this feeling into words... oh well ... I am just SO grateful that God intrusted me with this gift to share with others. He is the amazing one that brings all this good into my life! Thanks - God!!!

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