Thursday, May 15, 2008


We are going to Nampa, Idaho this weekend. One of my dear friends and her family live there. When we first moved to Montana in 1998 she was one of the first friends I had. She has two girls that were really good friends with Reagan and Jake, my older two kids. They moved to Idaho about 5 years ago and we have only seen them one time since.

Mary is the the oldest of their girls and is graduating. She has been homeschooled always and this will be a homeschool graduation. It should be interesting!

The temps are suppose to be in the 90's. Lizzie, my 6 yr old, is worried "her skin might melt". Too funny!! I really am not a fan of heat! That is why I moved from TX to Montana. Oh well, for friends anything can be endured...even sweat!


citizen of the world said...

Several bloggers have been conplaining about the heat lately, and we're in the middle of a cool spell. I'm looking forward to it warming up!

reliv4life said...

citizen - I like it medium...70's even lower 80s are perfect. Today was cold and rainy here...I like the rain, but no yard work got done!