Friday, May 30, 2008


These are the miracles I have had the privilege of witnessing the past few weeks:

- 2 yr old Son of a friend of mine that is developmentally behind by almost a year - in a 4 month period he began crawling, then walking and is now talking! in 4 months!

- Friend who has suffered with migraines for 38 years and has not had ONE in two months

- A couple we are friends with that have both suffered with hypoglycemia in the past, now both doing great with blood sugars

- 16 yr old daughter of a friend of mine that had spontaneous vomiting - Drs had done tons of tests and couldn't find a cause - she had tried eliminating foods, and all sorts of things. For the past 3 weeks she is eating anything she likes and the vomiting has totally ceased. She has color back and energy and is very excited!

- My own 17 yr old daughter has gone down several clothes sizes and her cystic acne is resolved - she is looking at wearing a bikini this summer for the first time in her life!

- A friend with MS that had numbness on the right side of her body, couldn't taste food for 2 years, and couldn't' grasp a key between her fingers to lock her front door - she is now tasting everything she eats, numbness is gone and she can lock her door again!

Isn't all this amazing? WOW! To God be all the glory for the things He has done!


Cassie said...

Isn't God cool? Thx for visiting my blog. It's a nice way to meet like-minded people. Log cabin living is the best, isn't it? We don't even care if our socks are dirty!!

Friar Tuck said...

It is amazing what we see if our eyes are open to see it.

reliv4life said...

cassie - YES - God is cool! thanks for visiting!!

friar - true, we miss so much because we are not paying attention!