Sunday, January 4, 2009

Road Trip

Tomorrow we are going to Fairmont Hot Springs! WOO HOO! I am pretty excited. We will stay two nights, so lots of time to get REALLY relaxed. Any of you that have experienced a Hot Springs will know just how relaxing that can be, just imagine a bowl of jello! So, now picture all of these images with lots of SNOW! My favorite thing is to be in the outdoor pool at night while it is snowing all around you! Such an amazing experience!
Getting out in the negative temps all wet is invigorating to say the least! :) But so worth it!

This is the indoor pool. Lizzie has never been here, well, when she was 1, but she has not recollection of it for some reason...

I can't wait to go and experience this with Lizzie and all my family. I pray we have a BLAST!

Isn't the water slide amazing?? The teenagers are pretty excited about that part of it!

I just love the way this looks! I will get some actual shots for you while I am there! See you later!


Friar Tuck said...

It is a fun place to visit, but never had the money to stay overnight. Someone must have changed from being Baptist to Episcopalian. Ha Ha. I kill myself with those denominational jokes

he he he

Cassie said...

Oh have a wonderful time up there.We've gone to Ainesworth Hot Springs in Canada, but I think Fairmont is much posher.Those hot springs are so soothing for the bones.Wish I were there with you!

Cassie said...

Another note from me. Have you found your phone yet,or gotten a new one?Just read the blog on prayer requests.I guess my prayer is better late than never.Blessings on your head kiddo.

Shellmo said...

LOL at Friar Tuck!!

I also want to know if you found your phone.

Have fun on your trip - can't wait to see your photos!!

reliv4life said...

Friar - hummmmm maybe you should cross over? :)

Cassie and Shelley - NO on the phone, am going to get my old one turned back on so at least I will have one! NO on the wedding ring either! Boo HOO come on ladies, pray harder!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

citizen of the world said...

That really is quite a slide. Have fun!

Jen said...

Oh have fun, I've never done that.
Rob did on his trip out west on his elk hunt. His guide took him into town, but it wasn't as elaborate as this. It was at some truckers stop or something. lol