Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I was tagged on Facebook to do this and thought I would carry it over to here - If you would like to join the fun, consider yourself tagged! I found it interesting, and also hard to think of 25 things!

1. My first name is Mary but I have always gone by my middle name, Michele
2. Cooking is my therapy
3. I was sick and spent 90% of my time in bed for about 5 years
4. I was also suicidal during that time - suicidal everyday, the only thing that kept me from killing myself was the thought of the trauma it would bring my kids.
5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey's Anatomy
6. I was a dental hygienist for 10 yrs
7. My mom is my neighbor, right next door, she brought me potato soup for lunch today - I love my mom!
8. I enjoy blogging very much
9. I got married two months after graduating high school, and we are still married
10. I was raised southern baptist and am now Episcopalian
11. I love to watch snow falling
12. I work from home very part time and make a good income.
13. I can rarely see the top of my desk
14. My drink of choice is always a margarita
15. I am really enjoying getting to know people again on FB
16. I check my email about 20 times a day - really, it is an addiction with me!
17. I have wanted a chihuahua all my life, well as long as I can remember, and have had Chica for 3 yrs now
18. I sleep with a CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea
19. I get the giggles at funerals sometimes - I think it must be nervousness - it is AWFUL to start laughing with bad timing
20. I do not like coffee
21. I have not had a coke in about 8 years - or any other soda
22. I love my sister very much but we fight often
23. Pajamas are my favorite thing to wear
24. I have 4 cats - but no mice
25. I cherish my family and friends very much and consider you one of the greatest treasures in my life!


Cassie said...

Mary Michele! I'm so glad you got out of your depression (#4). #19 made ME laugh.I hope you wear a veil to cover your giggles! I also like to wear my pj's and all the better if I'm drinking a margarita whilst lounging around watching the snow fall....Can hardly wait to return home to farrr N.Idaho. Thanks for sharing some more of yourself with us. Blessings!

Shellmo said...

Michele - I liked learning these things about you! Glad #3 is not your life anymore! I like Grey's anatomy too!

citizen of the world said...

I sometimes get the giggles at inaaporpraite times. I once got the giggles at a wedding so bad that my friend's mother hit me. I've also had to leave classes when I couldn't stop laughing.

Jen said...

Great list of info about you! I too and Glad #3 is history. You don't look like a Mary; Michele suits you better. :)
Diet Caffeine Free Coke and coffee are on the top of my list.

Dawn said...

wow... have i said this before? you are one brave girl for sharing... i sure love #9... i miss #10, adn i'm right with ya for # 14!!