Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We have had a lot of fun! We decided this might have to be an annual event every year after New Years. This place is virtually dead - maybe 20 people here total!
Cassie thought it was Posh - well, the rooms are like an older, but clean Holiday Inn. Not bad, but NOT posh! The carpet looks about 20 years old.

We have enjoyed our time together though. Lizzie has had a blast! Yesterday we were in the pools at least 8 hours, yet she cried last night when we made her come to the room. I think she could stay in there forever! I just sort of oozed my way back down the hallway, as my body felt like a lump of Jello after all that soaking!!

It did snow on us some. That is so cool to be outside when it is snowing and not be cold. Reagan

and Jake stayed very entertained. I should have gotten a picture of the obscene couple. They were in their mid 20's and were entwined for hours. Let's see, how can I put this delicately? I think they were exhibitionists. I feel 95% sure they probably actually had sex right there in the pool we were all in. Reagan and Jake made it their mission to try and dissuade them. So, they were going within 10 foot of them and doing cannon balls. I am shocked at the people's behavior, but enjoyed watching Reagan and Jake through the whole thing. They were hilarious. When the couple finally had enough of each other or us, I am not sure which, they got out and headed inside, we all clapped. They just laughed a hysterical laugh as they left. Weird.

This is the hand rail to the outside pool. BBBBUUUUURRRRRR - don't grab this baby, trust me, you don't wanna touch that while outside in a wet swim suit!

Look at those sweet faces? They may look all sweet and innocent, but trust me, they are not always that way! I was reading a blog out loud to Sean last night and the lady was talking about her 4 year old telling her she was beautiful. It was interesting because her older son had told her earlier he was going to his room so he didn't have to look at her ugly face anymore. Jake walked in on the end of it and said, "are you writing about me?"!! NO I was not, but I am sure he told me something similar recently! Teenagers are just that way. Hot and Cold - last night I looked over at him, he looked back with a glare. When I called him on it, he said, "I was just glaring at you for no reason, don't be so sensitive!" Weird.

Here are our piggies. Mine are in bad need of a pedicure! I wish I would have gotten a picture of Lizzie's pruned up feet after the 8 hours in the pool! I have never seen anything quite like it. Wish I knew how to describe it, but they felt like a hard raisin - I am glad they did go back to normal, I was worried she might have to live like that forever.
We go home today - I am kinda glad, there is only so much total relaxation a body can stand!


Jen said...

Oh gosh I don't know if I could do this or not. LOL looks too cold.
So glad you like it and had a good time. love the pictures!!
shame on the obscene couple~~but there always needs to be someone to talk about. :D

Shellmo said...

I just love that first photo of you & Lizzie together and seeing your smiling faces! A pool is a relaxing place (except when an obscene couple is nearby - lol! They should keep it in their room!)

citizen of the world said...

Except for swimming in a post-sex pool (ick!), looks great!

Anonymous said...

I think a cousin trip in March for one night would be good(of course we should tag along...)
Can't believe how much Elizabeth looks like you in that photo! Awesome...

reliv4life said...

Jen - you actually stay quite warm, the hot tub is 104! You could do it!

Shelley - I like it too, thanks! I wish they would have staying their room!

citizen - YES! gross!!

anonymous sis - sounds fab! what are you dates for spring break?

Cassie said...

Great pics.The ice on the hand rail is really something.Maybe we'll have to make next years trip to the hot springs a group effort.