Sunday, January 4, 2009

Frozen Pipes

We have a small section of pipe where the water comes up into the house from the well that will freeze when it gets below zero. So, when that happens, we have a little cord that we plug into the wall. It is a simple solution with one problem - someone needs to actually remember to plug the cord into the wall. Which actually would require someone watching the weather and knowing the temps were gonna drop. Well, that didn't happen last night - so guess what, no water!! The cord is plugged in now and we will have water soon.

Things a person CAN NOT do when there is not running water in the house:
1 - shower and be ready for church on time, when they are heading to the shower 20 minutes later than they should have been to start with!

2 - wash their hands after using the restroom! YUCK - thank goodness for hand sanitizer

3 - Get a drink of water anytime they want - the first or the 20th time I turn on the faucet is the same result - NO water, wonder how many times I will do it before I start to remember?

4 - flush the toilet more than one time. Just FYI there is enough water in there for one flush and one flush only!!

Things a person CAN do when there is no running water in the house:

1 - Lay in bed while blogging on a laptop and eating Lindor truffles, but I would know NOTHING about that!

2 - drink as much wine as you want

3 - take a nap - hey, maybe it was all that wine and chocolate?!! :)


Shellmo said...

When will the water come back on for you?! Hopefully soon! I'm laughing cuz I just ate a Lindor candy a few moments ago and probably shouldn't have. My stomach still bothers me.

citizen of the world said...

Hope you get water soon! In the meantime, enjoy the wine and chocolates (which are gifts form the heavens in my book).

Friar Tuck said...

wine and chocolates? what happened to sangria and queso?

Jen said...

I think you picked the right things to do with no water this morning, just stay in bed.

I always turn the water on when it's off like that too, and flip the switches on when the power is out. Duh!!

reliv4life said...

Shellmo - still not water, sean will be home tomorrow, so hopefully he can figure it out then. We are going to spend the night at my mom's house!

Citizen - AGREED!

Friar - well, it is sangria, just no queso!!

Jen - It is like when will I learn??? :)glad I am not the only one!