Monday, December 8, 2008


When I say "sitting" I do not actually mean that I have been sitting. In fact there was actually very little sitting going on - why do we call it sitting anyway. It should be called running your rear end off. This is Lizzie with Eli - he is my friend's dog and we have been dog sitting him for 6 days. Lizzie is actually singing him to sleep. He is crate trained and sleeps in that thing. Which is good, because 90% of the time he is not in the crate, he is smelling Chica's butt, and frankly, she is growing weary of it!!

So, we have been dog sitting and then actually kid sitting as well. This is Sean, Lizzie and Abigail. She is three. When I told her mom I would babysit, I never actually looked at the calender and noticed that I would also have Eli.

This is Abigail and Lizzie loving on Chica - doesn't she look thrilled??

This is Aiden, Abigail's 2 year old brother. Her is another reason to check your calender when you commit to do something. Friday night Jake played piano at the festival of lights in Belgrade, MT. I was there, but didn't get to see too much of it...this cute smiling face - I didn't see it much either, cuz I was chasing him around and mostly just saw the back of his head.

I think this shot is very sweet. Lizzie is always begging for a baby brother or sister. After these guys left the other night I asked her if she still wanted one. I just knew for sure the reality of what little ones in the house meant would be working in my favor...well, she is still begging for siblings. She will not be getting any.


Shellmo said...

Wow - I'm exhausted from watching all those kids and keeping track of the dogs! Oh wait - you did this! You must have endless energy and a heart of gold Michele!

Jen said...

Ahhhh! cute post.
Sometimes we do these things and then realize how lucky we are to do them and then how lucky we don't have to do it everyday. ha.
Kisses to Lizzie.