Sunday, December 21, 2008


Here it is: the ole temperature gauge in my car again - can you believe the guts on that thing, registering below zero again? BBBBUUUUURRRR it was cold last night. I don't know if today will even get above zero!! The first year we moved to Montana from Texas, it was 1998, there was a 2 week span that stayed below zero. We were amazed and so excited about it then. Somehow over the past 10 years it has lost its thrill for me. The bitter cold I mean. The kind of cold that hurts to breath too deeply, the kind of cold that my eyes and the inside of my nose feel like they are freezing after a minute or two. It is so cold it stings any exposed area of skin.

The other day it got up to 8 degrees and we were all running into Target without coats, it felt so warm. Now, this I will never understand, but after it has been below zero for a period of time and then gets above zero, it feels almost balmy!! It is craziness I tell you.

I just looked at the weather forecast for the week. We are suppose to get warmer weather later on - YEA!! It is suppose to snow on Monday and then Christmas Day!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, snow I can handle. I LOVE to be home when it is snowing. Just to look outside and watch it falling while I am snug in my house. Snow on Christmas, there is no better present than that.


citizen of the world said...

I can tell you that there has never been a time when I'm been excoted or happy about cold. Snow eys, cold no.

Jen said...

I would become a hermit. Bundle up!
It's in the teens here today, but it doesn't look like we are going to have a white Christmas. :(

Shellmo said...

Your blog header is so cute & funny! Where did you have that done? I like being inside baking when it snows like this.

Jen said...

Is that header picture the typical Montana family? lol