Monday, December 29, 2008


I just wanted to ask you to pray for a few things - if you are a praying person - if not, that is OK too!

1) Pray for a quick and complete recovery for one of my favorite blog buddies, Shelley ( )

2) I have still not found my cell phone! Pray if it is here, I will find it, and if not I will have peace with getting a new one!

3) Pray I am hearing God's voice correctly in several areas of my life that I need guidance right now.



Shellmo said...

Thank you Michele for your prayers! They are much appreciated and they are definitely working!
You have my prayers - for your phone and god's guidance. (Could your phone have fallen out of your pocket or purse into one of your deep snow drifts? Also - check underneath the car seats -that's where I have lost mine.)

Friar Tuck said...


Jen said...

Michele--Happy New Year to you!
Prayers for your request and for a prosperous and happy 2009.

citizen of the world said...

Will you settle for me sending my good thoughts and wishes for your friend and for you?