Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Here

It's done. The last bit of gifts have been bought, the groceries are all in the cupboard waiting for their designated time to be pulled out and used, the tree is brimming with gifts, the kids are hyper and excited. It is finally Christmas Eve. This morning I feel such relief. It is like all that pressure that has been building and building over the past month has been released like the air out of a pressure cooker when the top is taken off. If it has not gotten done at this point, it will not get done. I am good with that. The kids all have an even number of gifts...well, Lord, I sure hope so!! I quit writing things down last week, so I am depending on memory here, which can be scary! :)
We don't have a lot of Christmas traditions, but there are a few we enjoy.
First, the kids all get new PJs on Christmas Eve to wear that night. So, Christmas morning everyone looks so cute!! I got the greatest PJs ever this year!! Lizzie got red footie ones with silver snow flakes on them, Jake got Stewie from Family Guy - his favorite Character, and Reagan got footie ones with with the sock monkey on them!! Can't wait to share pictures after Christmas.
We always go to the late Christmas Eve Service. It is so beautiful and wonderful to come out of church about midnight realizing it is already Christmas Day.
My kids all get three gifts each under the tree - hey - if it was good enough for Jesus, etc... :) They actually like this tradition. Their three gifts are always something special and unique to each child. Of course Santa brings them something great - this year Reagan is getting a beautiful ring, it is in place of a class ring, which she didn't want. She will only graduate from high school once so want her to have something to symbolize it. Jake is getting a digital camera. He did not ask for it, but I hope he likes it anyway. Lizzie is getting the Barbie cruise ship. She asked for the Polly Pocket Cruise ship - there were none in this town for weeks. Last night in our last shopping spree in search of this, we settled for the Barbie one. If she is bummed out when she gets it I will just tell her that Santa is old and must have gotten confused - which is not that far from the truth really.
We often go to a movie on Christmas Day. I think this may be being replaced though. My mom has a home theater in her basement and last year we just went down there, still in our Jammies and watched any and all of the new movies anyone received as gifts. I think I like this new tradition better!
Well, I don't have anything to do this morning. Little Lizzie is laying here beside me snoring her sweet little snore. She snuck into our bed sometime last night - shhh don't tell her, but sometimes I don't really mind snuggling up to her and smelling her sweetness. I think I will do that right now and drift back off to sleep.
Happy Christmas Eve to you!!


citizen of the world said...

I love the quiet anticipation of Christmas Eve.

Jen said...

Sounds like a great Christmas eve in your world. :D
Looking forward to the PJ pictures.