Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hard Work!

It is funny, the best thing about relationships is people, and the worst thing about relationships is people. It is so great when the relationships with those closest to me are just cruising along, in an easy fashion. Now, is NOT one of those times! Today I feel like relationships are hard work. I am not too sure I am up to the challenge either. Today is one of those days when I really just want to throw in the towel. That is not a good feeling. Is everything we have been thru and done up to this point worth holding on to, or is this all just a waste of both of our times and energy. I do not know the answer.

I do know this...I keep reminding myself that love is a choice, not a feeling. Once again, love is a choice, not a feeling... I will keep repeating that in my head, OK? Will that make it all better???

I will cling to an old saying of Grandma's..."This too shall pass."


Friar Tuck said...

sorry about what you are going through.

reliv4life said...

thanks for the sympathy can pray for our family relationships if you want... !!