Friday, April 4, 2008


Our house is so welcoming and inviting, that the pigeons have come to live on the ridgepole!!! Not only Mr and Mrs Pigeon, but all their grandparents, cousins and friends have now joined them!!

I have been reading online how to get rid of them. From what I can determine, the option is to not show mercy and take no prisoners!! We can't really shoot the silly things without shooting the house. I know one thing, I am OVER the large amount of droppings right outside the front door on the deck!!

WATCH out Pigeons, you have worn out your welcome around here!!


CS said...

This may be a little ridiculous, but I've heard those plastic owls are really effective.

reliv4life said...

Yes, cs, we had heard that as well, but it doesn't seem to deter them at all!! After reading quite a bit online, I guess the owl works for some birds, but pigeons are a different story I guess!

Shellmo said...

Try a soft air bb gun per my husband. It won't kill them but it will annoy them.

reliv4life said...

Hey, thanks Shelley, that may just work! I will let you know.