Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So Sad!

I was going to post about this the other day when I was REALLY angry, but knew I would probably say things I shouldn't have! Now, I am still angry, but have also moved into a deep sadness. Last saturday Clinton and Obama were in Butte, MT. They were speaking and lots of people went, etc... Now, I am still not sure who I am voting for, so I like Obama, not sure he is the right one for the job - but am still angry about the story. I would be angry no matter who the person was it was aimed at.

There was some jerk - of course he was from my town of bozeman - uuuuggghhhh - and he had a sign that read "America without N_____s" I refuse to put in that word, but I think you can use your imagination. What is wrong with people like this? I just absolutely do not get it. My first reaction was to find out where he lived and sneak over there everynight and do something - like write "America without You" in his front yard in round - up!! Sabotage his car, hang him in a tree....but then I realized that is just more hate! What is the answer. I know free speech, etc... but where is the line drawn?

I know this - discrimination is wrong, whether we are talking race, gender, financial status, whatever. Nothing really gets my blood boiling more than this - yet, there are so many ignorant people out there. When I heard the story, it totally shocked me. I thought "No way"!! People just surprise the heck out of me - usually in a bad way. I feel sad, sad for them, sad for our world.

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