Wednesday, September 9, 2009


this blogs is going to be a rambling of some different things. First of all, I had an email from a fellow blogger that meant the world to know that in this vast expanse of Internet someone misses my measly blog! I think over time of sharing in someones life through their blog a friendship does occur. I miss reading all those blogs daily that I used to follow.

My life is just really busy right now. I am building a business and helping other people start and build their own businesses as well. Honestly, it is very fun. The funnest thing I have ever been a part of. I consider it a ministry. Just this past month we have helped people with fibromyalgia, energy, sleep, back pain, hypoglycemia, gosh, I could go on and on! Now many of those people are not passing it along to those they love and it is really just a chain of people helping people. I get to witness more miracles in a day than people get to experience in a lifetime - how could that not be fun. To me, God has called me to this work and that is why it is so fulfilling.

School is up and going again. Jake really wants to try to get into Julliard. It will be a hard thing, and heck if he doesn't make it he will still be way ahead just by going for it. We have two years to get him ready, so that is a full time job in itself. Lizzie is Lizzie and still the easy one. At 7 she still thinks mom and dad are wonderful! I am enjoying it because I know the day is coming soon when we will fall off of that pedestal.

I had run ins with 4 complete jerks in the past week, by the way. Two of them are bi-polar so we will give them that excuse. The other two are just self-centered, manipulative, assholes. OH - that felt good to say!!!

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Busy Bee Suz said...

It is nice to hear from you and I love the pictures of your silly family!!! :)
Busy is GOOD.
take care, suz