Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I was playing with my camera on my phone. Do you ever do that? Just start taking random pictures? Well, I don't know if you have a Blackberry - but the flash is SERIOUSLY bright! Of course the room was kinda dim so the flash was blinding. Every time I took a shot, Lizzie would slam her eyes shut - only she wasn't trying to slam her eyes shut - cuz she is a ham and LOVES her picture taken! Anyway, when I took this last one - she was prepared! I laughed for a while about this!!

Her solution seems so logical doesn't it? Just manually hold your eyes open and they don't inadvertently shut on you!!


Dawn said...

and if that doesn't work, there is always duct tape!

Friar Tuck said...

duct tape works for just about anything.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I would have to do that also.

ps I don't know how to work the camera on my phone :) I know...crazy.

Jen said...

I will be having the adoption papers drawn up soon. Pack your bags Lizzie. :D
(she is so cute!)

Cassie said...

How ya been girl?! Somehow we dropped off of each others radar. Lizzie is still keeping you laughing I see.:<)
Blessings, Cassie

Shelley said...

I love Lizzie's logic! She is so gosh darn cute!

P.S. I'm going to school to become a Physcial Therapist Asst.

kanishk said...

duct tape works for just about anything

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harada57 said...