Sunday, June 7, 2009


Life is funny, there are ups and there are downs and there are in betweens. I think I spend more time in between than anywhere. That is not half bad though - in betweens are better than downs I tell you! I have spent my fair share of time in the downs. Do they build character? Yes, of course, and good does usually come around in the end and the downs help me be humble, and compassionate toward others and blah blah blah - but I will say it again - the downs are just plain NO fun.

The ups are good - the ups keep me going in the between and down times. The ups are what life is about and what makes life worth persevering through. But what if, and I mean a big what IF life is really about the in between times. The times when we must create our own motivation because it doesn't just flow like it does during the up times. What if the in betweens are where the real personal growth happens - like a hiatus to regroup, rethink things through and figure out where I am really heading and is it even where I desire to be going?

I am in an in between time right now. It is not as exciting as an up time, but it is a lot better than a down time - I would describe it as peaceful. Peaceful is good. I will just enjoy it for now, regroup and get my game plan going - what kind of wife do I want to me? Which kid needs what from me now as a mother? Where does work fit in? Mostly - am I doing the things on a daily, consistent basis that God is calling me to do? Because the more I do that - the more peace will be in my future - and honestly, I like peace. So, until life throws me a few ups and downs, I will enjoy my vacation time in between.

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