Thursday, October 1, 2009


Here is Lizzie at the Grizzly Discovery Center. The are placing food out in hidden places before the Bears are released into the enclosure. This is in West Yellowstone and one of our favorite places - oh Lizzie is in the pink shirt with the dark pants.
She is so cute! I wish I had gotten a good picture of her face - but this is the best there was. We had been camping for several days and yes, she does look like a rag a muffin. At this point I looked like a homeless bum, so it is only fitting.
My post has nothing to do with any of that really - well maybe it does. You see, I am really busy and there is never enough time. So, unless I am up early and have time before my walk and prayer time to blog - it doesn't happen. As you can tell by my recent blogging activity I am rarely up that early...
You see, if there is not enough time - I need to set my priorities. I am walking a minimum of 4 times a week, and I must spend time with God in the morning or the whole day seems to suck - then of course School and Work - so my leisure time is rare - and if I have to choose between blogging and spending time with my family - I will choose them.
BUT - I miss you all very much and love when I am up early and get to visit your blogs and say a brief HI.


Jen said...

So I guess those bears got some good eats that day.
Always good to hear from you. ;)

Friar Tuck said...

Time management is always a challenge for me too

Shelley said...

Walking w/ the lord is always good! Hope you are doing well!!

kanishk said...

Always good to hear from you.

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Dharmendra Kumar said...

You have a very impressive writing style. Thanks for sharing.

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