Monday, July 27, 2009

The letter X is hard!

Thinking of words that start with X is more than my little brain wants to do this morning. So - I am cheating a bit - cuz we all know that eXample does not start with X - but this is my blog and I make the rules - so today I am going to show you some Xamples of weird or odd behavior at our house this week! We toured the prison in Deer Lodge - it is actually one of our favorite tourist sites in Montana - see, we are an odd family! It is an old stone prison they used until 1979 - which still astounds me. Anyway - the girls couldn't wait to be inside a cell.

Poor Chica - yes, she is tortured endlessly around here - but heck she is so darn fun to torture! Sean made her run around and give "monkey" a horseback ride.

My mom found this at a garage sale - not sure it is weird, but I can tell you this - I will NOT be ready to see this in real life for a long time to come!

This is me, of course you knew that, I am inside one of the cells in the women's wing. It was pretty bad - they repeatedly were asked to close it down due to conditions, but never did. They continued to use it until the prison was moved in "79. I am certainly glad I could just play and open that door whenever I felt like it - something the women that were truly in there could not do.

OUCH! We floated the river and I did use sunscreen. I should have used more though - or reapplied.

This is my mother drinking out of a bowl like a cat. This was her challenge in the game "would you rather" !! I am gonna keep this one and bribe her with it later - hear that mom?

Here is Belle chewing on one of her favorite things - the toilet brush - GROSS!! She absconds with them every chance she gets!!!

And here is the BAD dog chewing on my sandal - actually this is more common than any of us would like - If you like your shoes - do not leave them on the floor or they are fair game!


Jen said...

These are some Xceptionally good Xamples of things that don't start with X. HAHAAHA!
Happy Monday to you and your 'odd behaving household' Michele. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your xamples. You are too funny. Prison visiting?? we just like to watch prison shows here. :)
happy Monday.
oh, I would so keep that picture of my mom too for later on....

Friar Tuck said...

love all the pictures.

Margaret said...

Xtremely entertaining pictures. That prison looks interesting. If it makes you feel better, when I was a kid, we went to Ft. McHenry on many field trips in school (birthplace of Star Spangled Banner). My favorite part was always the underground prison! They called it a dungeon, which made it all the more interesting to me.

Shelley said...

Your xamples were great! LOL on poor Chica being used as a horse! I don't think touring the prison is so odd - we watch the "LOCK UP" shows over here in our house!

Ben said...

We will let you off the hook since you had so many fine eXamples.

Dawn said...

those are some really far-out eXamples!! that sunburn looks hot- ouch!