Friday, May 1, 2009


I feel like my eyes are wide open and I am seeing life for what it is for the first time in my adult life. I think as kids we feel anything is possible, but somehow as we mature we begin to see limits and then set limits on ourselves and others. I think we have a few failures and then begin to doubt that anything is possible. We may still believe things are possible, but not always to us.

I think that is where I was - I had given up on lots of hopes and dreams and was just settling for mediocrity. Life gets busy, things get pushed out of the way, and before I knew it, that dream seemed like a far distant memory....

Well, NOT anymore!! I am dreaming bigger than I have ever dreamed. I am a successful business woman running a thriving business, that has not been affected in this economy - other than to grow. I am a successful mom with three beautiful, fun, persistent, hard working children. I get to witness miracles everyday within our own family and in those around me that God puts in my path. I am not afraid to dream anymore - I am not afraid to fall flat on my face in failure in trying to achieve those dreams. I now know all I have to do is get up, wipe the dust off and start going again. God is a God of miracles and second chances!!

Miracles He has allowed me to witness this week:

* 18 yr old college student who has suffered with migraines since the age of 3. She was experiencing daily headaches and 3 -4 migraines a week. Now, daily headache free and has only had 1 migraine in 3 months!!

* A wonderful sweet lady that I met at the mall - she was having 4 low blood sugar episodes a day with shaking and foggy thinking - Not one low blood sugar episode in two months, not one since her very first Reliv shake!!

* An elderly lady with a history of cancer and chemotherapy - she had never recovered her energy or stamina - she actually sent me a thank you card - my FIRST Reliv thank you card - she said, "I am so grateful you shared with me. I feel like before I was just existing and now I am living again!" OH my - I get thank you calls quite a bit, but the card shocked me - I will keep it forever!

* A gentlemen with bipolar that started just last Friday and told me yesterday he has a better sense of well - being already - He will be fun to watch!! I can't wait to see what happens for him.

* A type 2 diabetic whose fasting blood sugars have dropped from 220 to 119 in two months

* A VERY dear friend who suddenly began having extreme panic attacks and anxiety, after 2 weeks she is now sleeping all night and has not had a panic attack since starting the products

I could go on and on - but Dreams are coming true all over this nation, well and the world, to be honest. I am so very blessed to watch my own come true and now help others watch theirs come true as well!!

I am gonna continue to listen to God's voice each day, follow where He leads and dream big - because I know He is dreaming big with me and for me - He is a God of miracles, so look around you - you just might see one!


Busy Bee Suz said...

What a great up lifting post. have a dream filled weekend!!!

Jen said...

I'm glad you are accomplishing your dreams. Your God and family should be #1 and it sounds like that is where they are. and most important to be able to do that you must take care of yourself. Good for you!

Dawn said...

what would life be without dreams? i think i learned that from cinderella... my favorite :) i am thankful that you have found these beautiful feelings and painted a lovely picture today!